My name is Lorand Bali, the owner of Beauty Factory. I was born in 1988 in Transilvania, Romania. In 2009 I had decided my dream was to become a hairdresser. There was nothing I loved more. I learned to cut hair after my father bought clippers and tried to cut my brother’s hair and failed, so he handed me the clippers to finish the job. No other job after that felt as good as when I was handling hair.

I took the opportunity to go on a hair dressing course. Soon after, I managed to work my way up to being a part of the best hair salon in my home city. This was where my dreams started to grow. I felt the need to move abroad and expand my horizons.

In 2012, I got a phone call from a friend already living in Denmark to join him and work in a factory. I immediately took the chance knowing that even though this job was not related to my passion, it would give me the possibility to come one step closer to achieving my dream.

Fast forward to 2018, I took the leap of faith to open up my own dream salon. I was in control of the concept, the name, the branding, everything. My dreams had come true. I had finally arrived.

At Beauty Factory in Albertslund, we offer our customers a very special experience in a lovely settings. In our salon you will feel relaxed in a cozy atmosphere where, while being treated, you can read magazines or have a friendly chat with us.

At Beauty Factory while we are creative and fashion conscious we also have understanding of the classic look. Keeping you in focus and listening to your wishes are our primary purpose. We always use your hair type and face shape to find out what style(s) would be the best for you. 

Beauty Factory aims to be the best hair salon in Albertslund and therefore we regularly update on different courses both inland and abroad to deliver the best service to you – which is the mission and image of our salon.

Whether it is coloring, cutting or shaping our experience and knowledge we will be able to evaluate and suggest you what are the best available options to fulfill your wishes! Come and enjoy a cup of organic coffee, hot chocolate or tea in the “hyggelig” atmosphere – and let us nourish your hair.


Lorand Bali