Haircut boys
Including wash (from age 11)
330 Dkk
Haircut girls
430 Dkk
Including wash (from age 11)
Haircut children
330 Dkk
Including wash (for ages 5-10)
Haircut children
298 Dkk
Without wash (for ages 5-10)
Haircut children
250 Dkk
Without wash (for ages 0-4)

*The hairstylist has the right to adjust the price in accordance with the work performed.

Definitions of hair length:

Very short hairNot covering the ears, 5 cm long
Short hairUp to the ear lobes
Medium hairFrom right below the ear lobes up to the shoulders / 1 cm above shoulders
Long hairFrom right above the shoulders up to the shoulder blades
Extra long hairFrom the shoulder blades up to the lower back